The EFBC is a proud partner of the Family Enterprise Foundation (FEF); a non-profit organization that empowers business families to ensure their sustainability and harmony for generations to come.

ROOTS logoThrough FEF, we offer a curriculum (known as Roots) to our members and community at large. These courses allow us to dive deeper into family business topics. Roots classes offer relevant and engaging education on important issues faced by family businesses. Through the Roots Curriculum, the EFBC is able to help you tackle issues that are often left unaddressed, such as transition planning, communication, governance and multi-generational leadership.

Roots: A Course for Anchoring Your Business is our introductory course which explores and introduces the Business Family System. We encourage all new members to take this course but anyone is invited to attend. During the rest of the year, we offer additional courses focused on specific issues of family and small business such as Family Meetings, Family Business Philosophy, Advisory Boards, Leadership Application and more. Find all upcoming Roots programs here.

EFBC Members get exclusive access to the Family Enterprise Foundation Premium Membership. Visit the EFBC member portal for instructions on how to create your free account.

To learn more about FEF, please visit their website and FAQ page.