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"Last year we identified the need to make significant changes in our corporate culture. Our management had become complacent. In spite of our efforts to implement best practices, lean and improve our processes, we did not progress. We talked and talked about our culture, past and future, we promised and pointed to hope, but nothing changed.

Two things were obvious: we needed to change and we could not make it happen alone. We needed help.

I became aware of, and somewhat familiar with, Kiara and Mary Deibert. At a general meeting, Mary spoke and after I engaged her in conversation. I started to learn more about how Kiara could help us.

What I heard sounded good, but I had heard that tune in the past. We had tried consultants and only received marginal results at best. We couldn’t waste our time, energy and resources on more of the same. I sought out and spoke with some of my forum members and other CFBC members who had experience with Kiara. They were all very well satisfied. This led me to contact Mary to schedule a meeting to find out if she could help us and how. After a couple of meetings and some very tough questioning, Mary and I agreed Kiara could help us.

We are well into the process beginning with agreeing upon, setting and formalizing our corporate values. We then learned how to communicate openly and honestly with each other and our people. I had hoped to learn how most of us were close to understanding what I thought we all believed and lived. But that was just my hope. None of us were consistent and, in some cases, were pulling in opposite directions. 

Since we are now on the same page and became consistent in our values, direction and culture, we have been able to identify and move people into positions of higher functioning. With training and coaching, we are improving our management style and skills. We are now providing our people with a well-managed workplace that is rational and functional.

This has been a long process and sometimes difficult, but extremely worthwhile. We are now positioned to go from good to great.  Although we have not quite achieved breakthrough, we are on the verge. Currently we are negotiating contracts for two manufacturing opportunities which we could not have previously entertained.

Kiara has helped us organize, communicate and position staff with an effectiveness we were unable to achieve ourselves. Thank you, Mary and Kiara." ~ Bruce DeMent, President of Kastalon, Inc.

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