6 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer at Work

Joyous, festive, stressful, busy—all words that describe the holidays. Work doesn’t slow down but we have a lot of other things to get done outside of the office. What makes it all worthwhile is the time we get to spend with our families and friends, and the cheer that everyone spreads both at home and at work.

As a business owner, you may want to do something special for your employees to reward them for working hard all year long. How can you go above and beyond a run-of-the-mill holiday bonus without stretching too thin?


Send holiday cards.

Have the executive team sign small messages on holiday cards, then distribute them to employees. This simple gesture shows you took time to think of them even when times are busy.

Take your team out for an extra-long lunch.

Find an hour or two out of everyone’s schedule to set aside for relaxation, conversation and a delicious meal on the boss. Your employees will look forward to it and they will have a moment to destress.

Decorate the office.

We spend the majority of our day at work, so why not make it feel festive? Garlands, lights and figurines make for easy, office-friendly décor. Every day when coming into work, your staff will be reminded that you decorated just for them.

Schedule a day to celebrate together.

Get everyone together for a gift exchange party at the office. Perhaps you pick a day to wear ugly holiday sweaters and bring dishes to share.  However big or small you make it, your employees will appreciate the opportunity to unplug and spend a bit of down time with their colleagues.

Provide flexibility.

If possible, give your employees some additional flexibility with their schedules during the holidays. If they are catching a flight or need to work remotely, try your best to accommodate and let them know that you value their life outside of work.

Promote the theme of giving.

Have an office gift exchange, or hold a fundraising drive for your favorite charity. Have a homemade advent calendar with daily activities, appreciations or small gifts. Be enthusiastic and get everyone into that warm, giving spirit.


However you choose to spread cheer this year, remember the value of your employees. During the holidays and all year long, show that you appreciate what they do and give them the morale boost that makes them love coming into work.

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