Porcaro Stolarek Mete Partners, LLC

We help companies grow through strategy development, leveraging technology and talent aquisition.

The proven PSM approach provides the successful integration and evolution of our clients’ strategy, technology and talent. Every solution is custom designed around the specific needs of each client.

Founder, Business Strategy Expert

Dan Porcaro is a founder of PSM and is our resident business strategy expert. He is passionate about helping businesses grow and has spent the past 25 years growing and developing companies.

In 1991, Dan began his strategy career as an Executive Director at Lansystems, a nationwide network integration firm headquartered in New York City. His region quickly grew into one of the most profitable regions for the firm.

Recognizing his talent, Workgroup Productivity Corporation (WPC), a Lotus Notes consulting firm, asked Dan to help grow their firm, nationalize their services, and locate a buyer. Over the course of a 3-year period, Dan was able to accomplish the strategic growth plan and find a buyer for the firm. However, after the transaction was complete, Dan felt a pull to create something more.

From 1998 through 2012, Dan founded and ran Project Leadership Associates (PLA), a business and technology consulting firm headquartered in Chicago. Using his vast experience in business strategy, Dan was able to grow PLA from a single employee to a successful firm supporting 250 employees, six offices nationwide, and $50 million in revenue.

Founder, Sales, Marketing & Telecommunications Expert

Dave Stolarek rounds out the PSM team as our resident sales, marketing, and telecommunications expert with over over 15 years of experience in all three industries.

Over the course of his career, Dave has held a variety of prestigious direct sales, leadership, and executive positions. He began his foray into enterprise telecommunications at Global Crossing (now called Level3) in 1999, managing partnerships with some of the world’s largest consumers of IT and communications services.

After over 13 years at Global Crossing, Dave served as the Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Inteliquent (formerly Neutral Tandem/Tinet), a Chicago-based $300 million global voice data and IP transit business.

In 2013, Dave ventured out on his own and opened d2 Consulting, Inc., an IT and infrastructure consulting company specializing in telecom expense management, network sourcing, and cloud service integration. He grew d2 Consulting into a successful and thriving business before joining friends and fellow businessmen, Dan Porcaro and Mike Mete in founding PSM Partners, LLC.

Founder, Technology Expert

A testament to the PSM work ethic and overall experience, our technology expert and founder, Mike Mete, began his IT career as a Help Desk Consultant at Project Leadership Associates (PLA).

Over the next 15 years, Mike spearheaded the growth and development of PLA’s Managed Services offerings. What began as a small, local consulting group swiftly grew into one of the largest national practices within the National MSP Marketplace.

In each of his many roles, Mike has proven that he is both a tech leader with a passion for helping businesses develop a strong technical infrastructure to support their business goals. Most Recently, Mike consulted for a National MSP to structure, enhance, and refocus their SMB Operations.