Full-Service Tech

PSM Partners is one of Chicago’s top IT consulting firms that offers IT management services and talent acquisition. Our managed IT services include consulting and project-based offerings such as business IT support, cloud services, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, and telecommunications. We can also help your business hire or contract the IT talent to best suit your needs.

We are dedicated to helping your business grow through technology and talent. No matter what challenges your team faces, our team of experts is ready to engage and provide executive level support to help guide you through the complex landscape of the IT marketplace.

Meet Our Partners

Mike Mete – Founder, Technology Expert

Mike Mete’s professional journey began in consulting, starting in help desk support at a reputable firm. His acumen and determination quickly led to promotions, including overseeing Profit and Loss (P&L) accounts. After his former firm’s acquisition by private equity, Mike became a sought-after expert in business optimization. Recognizing his expertise, companies sought his guidance to enhance operational efficiency.

In 2014, Mike co-founded PSM, achieving profitability within four months. Under his strategic leadership, PSM’s commitment to innovation and financial prudence has propelled it to extraordinary success, showcasing Mike’s prowess as an astute entrepreneur and business leader.