The Ultimate Guide to building a successful brand: all you need to know

It is human nature to stick with what we know and what has successfully worked for us in the past. From phone, coffee and cosmetic products to dry-cleaning, hotel and transportation services, we as consumers are making decisions every day to choose a brand’s product or service over another.

So what's the secret success behind brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, and Facebook? What is it about these brands that makes loyal consumers unable to get enough? Marketing guru and author Seth Godin defines brand as, " A set of expectations, memories, and relations that, taken together, account for a consumers decision to choose one product or service over another."

Last week, Patty Rioux brought to light the importance of branding and the idea that brands actually only exist in the minds of consumers and prospects. Without a brand there are no consumers, and without consumers there is no brand.

Understanding the components of a brand is crucial to its development. Brand components include:

1) Visual Components such as logos, colors, fonts, etc.

2) Verbal Components such as bold statements, brand narrative, brand pillars, proof statements, tone, voice, etc.

3) Communicating Components including channels, mediums, locations, and more.

After grasping the components of a brand, steps on implementing and developing a brand begin with:

1) An internal marketing assessment-to understand the business, sales, and marketing goals of the company.

2) Customer assessment interviews-to get a better understanding of customers and how they view a company, product and/or service.

3) Additional research including both primary and secondary research efforts.

Understanding the target audience, competitors, and what's happening in the industry is essential to the success of a brand. Patty also stressed the importance of staying consistent with your brand, regardless if you feel bored of it.

Aside from brand development, you must live your brand. Lived experience will ALWAYS outweigh any other branding effort.

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