Getting Out of Uncertainty


Our lives have been filled with uncertainty since the pandemic hit, and now it seems like we are falling into it again. Companies are trying to figure out how to handle the change. Some that were opening back up are postponing plans made when things were looking more optimistic. At Progressive, we are doing our best to keep a safe environment for our employees. We rarely have in person guests or meetings any longer.  Uncharted, difficult and uncertain times indeed.

The EFBC is doing our best - through programming, informational sessions, events - to attempt to keep our Council upbeat and our members engaged, but we find this challenging as well.

Recently, Liz Fidanovski, Andy Sanghani and I met with all the Strategic Partners in person. Meeting with our Strategic Partners was the brainchild of Andy and Nirel. They both presented this to me at different times and I was as equally enthused as they were at the opportunity. The EFBC’s Strategic Partners invest so much into our organization and are a vital asset to the group. The purpose of the meetings was to re-engage, meet in person where we had not been able to for some time, and ask clarifying questions and listen. We were presented with a trove of information on many timely topics. I hope this impactful exercise will become tradition during future tenures.

The Strategic Partners are the experts on current changes in their various marketplaces. They keep us safe and provide some semblance of certainty in both normal and tumultuous times. They are here to help our Forums as well. TAU Forum usually has at least one partner come to present each year. If we discover a topic that creates uncertainty in our group, we look to bring in a Strategic Partner to help better explain the situation and how we, as business owners, can react to a given situation.

My company, Progressive Industries, currently utilizes an EFBC partner and has engaged with others in the past. I encourage our group to keep an eye out and ear open for any issues or uncertainties that you hear repeatedly. When you have multiple encounters with a similar issue, please keep our Strategic Partners in mind as a potential solution. Invite them in to your Forum meeting or attend one of the informational events on a particular topic that suits you. They have a strong record of helping EFBC organizations.


Neil O'Donnell
VP of Business Development, Progressive Industries
EFBC President 2021-2022




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