Meet Matthew Kaseeska, CEO of Net Works Consulting Resources

Get to know Matthew, a new member of the EFBC.

Net Works Consulting Resources Inc
Founded: 1997
Location: Geneva, IL

Tell us about your career leading up to where you are now:

I started Net Works Consulting in 1997, 25 years ago, so this year is a big anniversary! Prior to that, I was always into technology, even as a kid, when I was in 8th grade I was programming lunar Landers in GW Basic and I thought everybody knew how to do this stuff, right? My love for technology continued in high school, as well as college. I always knew I wanted to do this. I started in the working world as a low-end IT guy, and worked my butt off to learn as much as I could as well as getting my certifications that led me to be a technical sharpshooter that would travel over the country and fix challenged that no one could figure out. In 97, I had an opportunity to start my own company and I did. I never looked back and In that first 18 months, I had 43 people working for me, so we experienced rapid growth right away. At the time, my margins were solid and then 911 happened and I had to rebuild it from there. So, now we are in full gear and growing for the past 7 years. it's been a wild ride, but a very interesting one.

My father owned Kase construction, so I was always around entrepreneurs, my Grandfather and uncle were entrepreneurs, so I liked that vibration and energy as well as the drive. The goal was to build the company, and right from the start to build it like you have 100 people and once you lay the foundation properly you can build yourself out of the mix. So, over the past 5-10 years I have been able to focus on building the vision and strategic plan, and my partner, Vivek, is taking over previous roles I used to do. He is now the leader for all the technical aspects of the firm and our clients.  Throughout the years I have been lucky, but I also take opportunities that other people would turn down. Sometimes you must take risks, and luckily for me most of them have worked out.

What do you like most about what you do?

I love what I do. I love helping people. I love figuring out the complex puzzle of technology and having the answers to solve the puzzle. I love systems and process as well as the way they can systematically improve the situation.   I love figuring out how to make things easy when they look hard. My favorite is when someone comes to me, with a problem they have been grappling with and racking their brain about. we can look at the bigger picture and start to see all the pieces and where they need to move to solve the issue.  I can say to someone “let me show you how we can solve this together, we're going to make this work.” I can show someone, “here is where you are at now, and this is where we are going to be and this is how we are going to get there.” We can see that spark and excitement when you just come in and give someone hope, and then within 6-12 months  they are so excited, they’re getting done what was previously impossible, they’re people are happy and its just a great feeling. Our company mission statement is Happy Clients, so we really try to provide the best service we can.

How did you hear about the EFBC?

Big Jim [Jim Liautaud, founder of EFBC]. He was my mentor. When I met him, I thought I was a system and process fanatic and then I was like “oh jeez, OK, this guy is on another level.” He invited me to an event. I attended a few events, where I met other members of EFBC. It was great to meet like-minded individuals with the entrepreneurial spirit. It can be hard to find people with the same energy or perspectives, especially in family businesses, so the events were a great introduction to the organization.

Why did you join, and what do you hope to gain from your membership?

There was a huge hole in my life, when not only when Jim passed away, but when I left my previous peer organization. And I didn't have anyone to really talk to, especially the past 8-10 months. And I realized that it's much easier to have a support group then trying to do this stuff alone. I am excited to be back in a forum, to share those experiences, and get some alternate perspectives. I am also excited to introduce my business partner, Vivek, to the organization, since I have had such positive experiences with peer groups and I hope he can take away some of the knowledge I have in the past.

I really joined to connect with business owners and to share experiences. I have friends, like in my neighborhood, that I can lean on for support but at the end of the day they all work for someone. So, -when I am struggling with a payroll or HR issue, it is hard to find that peer support. There is a uniqueness to EFBC, that not only is it entrepreneurs and owners, but people who are working with their families and having to navigate the succession and working with their family. I think Jim saw a need there. I have been a part of other Peer organizations, but peer groups would only talk business. EFBC acknowledges that business and personal often overlap and are so intertwined that discussing personal issues is celebrated. Your pain point may be your business, but that is not always the case. It may be other things going on, and those things impact your business in a critical way.

I joined to be with like minds to learn and share what I know and absorb what other people know to grow as a human on this big blue marble. I'm excited to interact with other entrepreneurs and learn from them and if they have questions, I would love to be a source of information for them as well. I love to learn. I've committed to a lifetime of learning.

Join us in welcoming Matthew to the EFBC community. Members can log in and connect with Matthew via the EFBC Member Directory.

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