Walls crumble and business builds.

At EFBC, we support companies that fit the traditional definition of a family business as well as entrepreneurial and privately-held organizations that you wouldn’t automatically think belong here. But you all do.

The way we see it, your employees, partners and investors in one way or another are family. Here, business leaders and leaders of family businesses create a community by sharing experiences, learning together and supporting one another unconditionally. Because business? It’s family.

Leaders of all business types are accustomed to building walls around themselves. Yet, imagine how much faster we’d advance if there were nothing to guard against.

EFBC is a rare space in which it’s safe to let down your guard. Here, you develop relationships with people, not egos. You find shared experience and togetherness where otherwise you stand alone.

EFBC’s members include 157 business leaders from 90 companies in a wide array of industries. Family-owned businesses make up 80% of our membership, while 20% of our companies are privately held and entrepreneurial businesses. Our members range from presidents and CEOs to emerging leaders and key executives. When your company joins EFBC, the entire organization benefits.