Who We Serve

Is EFBC Right for You?

We know EFBC isn’t for everyone. While we have some specific qualifications, we also seek business leaders that have the same mindset and vision as we do. It is not about being exclusive at EFBC. Rather it’s about being inclusive to those who will flourish in our community.

Joining the EFBC and especially participating in Forum is a leap of faith. It shows that you are willing to put trust in your peers and seek the resources you need to succeed in all aspects of your life.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help determine if you’re right for us – and if we’re right for you.

  • EFBC community is made up of 80% family businesses and 20% privately-held and entrepreneurial companies. Do you fit one of these categories?
  • Are you seeking knowledge, resources and shared experiences that will help you become a stronger person, a better business leader and a more connected family member?
  • Do you find value in building your team’s leadership skills?
  • Are you prepared to become more intelligent about your emotions?
  • Do educational programs centered on common business issues sound beneficial to you, your business and your employees?
  • Do you understand the ways your personal life and professional life are interconnected?

Please note: EFBC Membership is not open to companies in the same industry as our Strategic Partners; banks, law, accounting, marketing, IT, human capital, health insurance or financial planning firms or consultants.