Intelligence from the inside out.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognize, regulate and express one’s emotions effectively while also being able to understand the emotions of others.

It’s not about being emotional but being intelligent about your emotions.

Unlike IQ which is unchangeable, EI can be improved with continual practice and patience. At the EFBC, our Full and Flex Forums (monthly small-group meetings) are your practice field to develop your EI. You’ll find yourself becoming a better listener, a more concise communicator and better able to express empathy to those around you.

When you bring EI home, you will become a more compassionate family member. Your listening and communication skills will be strengthened, making it easier to have difficult conversations with the ones you love. Those around you will appreciate your empathy, triggering a chain reaction among family and friends.

When you bring EI to work, challenges become easier. Conversations, conflicts and negotiations become opportunities to connect. Your company culture will be transformed and reinvented as people feel and mirror the positive impact of being emotionally intelligent. Click here to download our whitepaper on EI, “Four Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Transform Your Life.”