It’s not about who you know. It’s how you know them.

The relationships you cultivate in Forum are unlike any other you’ll develop in business or in life. Your Forum group knows where you’re coming from because they’ve been there. This group of nine business leaders look with you for answers to problems and support you each and every step of your journey.

How does it work?

Forum is the monthly small group meetings that are the heart of the EFBC. This is your safe, confidential space to talk as long as you need with everyone’s full attention and engagement. No side conversations, no cell phones, no judgments.

Each month, one member of the nine-person Forum presents a current issue they are facing in any aspect of his or her life. The Forum is there to listen, support and offer shared experiences. Following the presentation, the rest of the Forum shares updates from their professional and personal lives as a way to bond and build relationships among the group. Each meeting culminates with continued conversation over dinner.

The foundation of Forum is trust, mutual respect and equality (regardless of title or pedigree) which is established by Forum Protocols:

Clarifying questions are non-judgmental questions which come from a place of genuine curiosity. These questions introduce clarity around something that has been said and often lead to epiphanies and great insight.

Shared experiences are used in lieu of advice giving. One person’s answer isn’t your answer, so we instead share experiences – relevant mistakes or successes from life.

Appreciation is a time devoted to sharing what we appreciate about each other, which often goes unsaid. We’re human and can always benefit from a boost to our self-esteem and motivation.

In addition to monthly meetings, each Forum attends an annual executive retreat. This is an opportunity to reflect on the big picture and bond as a group.