Developing the business of you.

We believe in expanding our knowledge in a variety of ways – through Forums, workshops, speakers, roundtables, blogging and more. But you’ve been warned: what EFBC offers is not the type of knowledge you find in books. We seek to explore the most pressing issues for family business leaders and business leaders with family.

From large programs with expert speakers, workshops with DePaul University professors, intimate Breakfast Club meetings hosted by Strategic Partners, and courses centered on specific issues of family businesses – there are many different environments in which we foster learning and growth. And of course, our community has a network of peers that you can call or email anytime for help – day or night.

As you strive to grow and strengthen yourself and your business, we’ll be there for education and support. These opportunities to learn will help you work not just on your business, but on the business of you.

Please visit our events page to explore upcoming learning opportunities. Check out key takeways from our past programs here.